La'ie Walking Tour: Beginning of tour

Beginning of tour

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The Laie Walking Tour was created in July 2001
by BYUH Student Michael H Sarafian.
Enjoy things the way they were back then!

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This tour will help you explore the beautiful town of La'ie, where you can enjoy sun and surf, visit the world famous Polynesian Cultural Center right next door, go hiking, swim at a waterfall, see historical sights and much more all in walking distance. The Resort is also minutes away from horse riding, shrimp farms, golf courses, art galleries, orchid farms and much more! Feel free to ask the friendly staff for directions to any of these places.

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115  Left:  Kamehameha highway
039  Go to:  Clissold's Beach
018  Go to:  La'ie Point
059  Go to:  "The bath tub"
077  Go to:  Pounders Beach
265  Go to:  Goat Island
096  Go to:  View of Mahakea Beach
116  Go to:  Polynesian Cultural Center
285  Go to:  Temple Beach
245  Go to:  Hukilau Beach
257  Go to:  Malaekahana State Park
293  Go to:  La'ie Hawai'i Temple
366  Go to:  BYU-Hawai'i
440  Go to:  La'ie Falls Hike
238  Go to:  La'ie Shopping Center
© 2001, Michael Sarafian