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About the Author
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Michael H Sarafian (the handsome fellow on the right), from Australia, developed the Laie Walking Tour project by taking hundreds of pictures, sequencing them into the slide show, making additional links, and writing titles and descriptions for his work. As you can see, the pictures attest to Michael's fine eye for beauty and composition. The project far exceeded its initial scope. Professor Don Colton (left, who wrote this paragraph) assigned the Laie Walking Tour as a one-student project for the "IS 431: eCommerce Web Development" class, which Michael took by independent study. Brother Colton provided technical support, including programming to generate over 1000 web pages using Michael's photograph and descriptions. Brother Colton says, "I always expected good work, but this is tremendous. I am very pleased. Michael did the real work, including selecting virtually every picture, every topic, every part of the tour, and making it all interesting. It is a great achievement."

© 2001, Michael Sarafian