La'ie Walking Tour: Statue of Manuhii

Statue of Manuhii
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As written on the plaque which sits beneath the statue, "In 1854, President Joseph F. Smith came to Hawai'i as an orphaned 15 year old missionary. He became desperately ill and for 3 months was tenderly cared for by a dear sister, Ma Naoheakamalu Manuhii and her husband. Many years later, returning now as President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this tender incident was recorded. "In the midst of all the celebrating, a poor blind woman was led to the prophet. She was calling, "Iosepa, Iosepa." Instantly, he ran to her and clasped her in his arms, hugging and kissing her - saying "Mama, Mama, my dear old Mama.""

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