La'ie Walking Tour: Front entrance

Front entrance
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The history of the PCC is an interesting one. In the 1940's LDS church members started a hukilau (fishing festival and feast) at Hukilau Beach, including Polynesian entertainment as fund raising for the building of a chapel. In the 1950's Polynesian students at the nearby Church College put together a production of South Pacific island songs and dances, which attracted bus-loads of people to La'ie. In 1962 the construction of the PCC was authorized which incorporated those two ideas. Over 100 missionaries volunteered to help build the PCC on a 12-acre site that was previously used as a taro patch. The PCC opened its gates on October 12, 1963 and with many improvements over the years today sits on 42 acres of lagoon-laced landscaping with tropical plants, waterfalls and a Polynesian experience you will never forget. The center was first opened to provide needed employment to struggling students in La'ie and continues to provide work and cultural education to students of Brigham Young University-Hawai'i.

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